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Make a Donation to Greyhound Pets of America Indianapolis

Meet & Greet with Local GreyhoundsGreyhound Pets of America Indianapolis is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We rely exclusively on donations to fund our organization. You can help by donating money, dog related items (pet beds, dog food, food dishes, crates, blankets or any other doggie related item). The dog food should be of a high quality as Greyhounds need a nutritional diet when making the transition from the track.

Make an online Tax Deductible Donation: 

You may also mail your Tax Deductible donations to:

GPA Indianapolis
P.O. Box 42304
Indianapolis, Indiana 46242

Tax Deductible Contribution Receipts

If you need a receipt for your tax deductible contribution please contact us. 

Finding loving homes in the Indianapolis Area for retired professional racing Greyhounds since 2000